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What is Hyper Growth?

HyperGrowth.Expert is a team of extremely knowledgeable SEO consultants, business development consultants, and marketing managers tired of seeing local and small business owners being taken advantage of by scammy digital marketing agencies. We will reverse engineer your competitors' website and Instagram accounts to boost your bottom line using proprietary methods like netfishing, engagement pods, social proof, and outbound marketing tactics that nobody else knows about. We will even show you the KPI's (on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinks, NAP Citations, domain authority, etc) to prove our work, show how your traffic and engagement is boosting, and include other numbers you need to reach in order to beat your competition.

What is an engagement pod?

An engagement pod is a group of likeminded individuals, businesses, and brands on social media who work together to ensure every Instagram account receives the valuable engagement necessary to succeed. In the past, it used to be a group of 20-50 individual accounts in a group message (using Telegram, Whatsapp, etc) who would text the link to their Instagram posts to the thread, and everyone in the group would go Like & Comment on it. This boosted the engagement's post, which boosted its reach, which then boosted the whole account's Instagram Account Insights. To this day, pods still exist just that are similar to ours! However, we have over 50,000+ accounts engaging with you daily, which nobody else has.

What does netfishing mean?

Netfishing is a term our founder came up with to describe how we get free traffic from Google (instead of paying for ads, but a lot of Long Beach SEO clients still utilize many types of ads) and develop business here at Hyper Growth. You can catch a fish on a line, but you can catch a whole school of fish with a net! Think of it like your Instagram being a single fishing line, but combining that with an outbound marketing strategy, inbound marketing strategy, SEO strategy, keyword strategy, and overall digital marketing overhaul, you get netfishing!

How do I buy followers on Instagram?

Right here! We can offer 1,000-5,000 Followers, or even up to 10,000 Followers! Just fill out one of our forms and a Hyper Growth Expert will contact you ASAP to get started. If you'd like to learn more about the safety of our white label service, click the "Sign Up" button on our IG Increase Followers Page.

How long does Local SEO take?

The short answer is: That depends. The long answer would take quite a bit of time and likely wouldn't fit on this FAQ's page. Instead, we would suggest sending us a FREE CONSULTATION request so our team can make a customized 5-minute video reviewing your website and showing you exactly what your competitor did to rank on Google, and what real number KPI's you need (backlinks, citations, etc) to beat them. For example, ranking for the long tail keyword "Small Business SEO Los Angeles" might take a shorter time to rank on Google (maybe 30-90 days) than it might take to rank for the keyword "What is SEO" because one is so much more localized than the other.

Is buying Instagram engagement safe?

Although many Instagram accounts have been suspended due to violating Instagram's rules, it's completely safe to purchase Likes, Comments, Views, Followers, etc, as long as you are following the rules and one other secret... You have to also have real, organic engagement! If your account has 350,000 Followers and less than 100 Likes, less than 10 Comments, etc, Instagram will start noticing that you are not pleasing all of your 350K audience. This is how accounts get shadow banned, and effectively, suspended over time. The solution is to pair buying engagement with real engagement, and we can show you how to do that!

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